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  1. Hi Nina & Drew!
    We just found out about the ACL Mosaic and are super excited as we have a five year old boy, Max and an 18 month old girl, Stella. Currently, we live in Charlotte, NC and are going to apply to have Max attend the school there – however, our long term goal is to relocate to Hawaii so we could live a more simple island life and in a region where the weather truly inspires! My partner Dong and I work from home so we can be flexible in terms of location. I am curious how soon you may have a program to include younger souls like Stella who may be 3 when we look at making this relocation? We plan to come visit in the next six months and will keep you posted as we would love to visit! We are researching land and homes for sale – on that note, what zipcode are you located in and any zipcodes you recommend? We currently bike Max to Montessori and prefer to bike as much as possible instead of utilizing our car. However, if we could purchase some land a little farther out so we could have more opportunity to create a farm/garden – that would be our preference. Any info is welcomed and we appreciate your holding space for more families to come and dance in the spirit of inspired learning, movement and creative expression!

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