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Webwork, WetWare, Work Jams!

While updating the ALC Oahu website with Drew, there was a point when he started showing me how to make a button. I made the button with the exact colors from our logo in less than a minute. At that moment I quickly remembered that once upon a time, as a teen, I used to play with CSS and HTML. Fast forward some years later, I became proficient in Adobe Photoshop. What an awesome aha moment, realizing the clicking into gear of a variety of past knowledge while learning to do something as simple as creating a button on a website.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.08.35 PM


Another sweet surprise from this week was checking out WetWare Wednesday with Drew. We got to make a new connection with Charles from ecoQoob and it turns out that they used to be our coworkers at BoxJelly! Ironically, we are arranging to collaborate now that we no longer share the same building.

An intention set many months ago is now getting more attention. Research and discussion around getting grants has been on-and-off since August 2015. Little did I know that grant writing is actually a lucrative and very full-time gig. Stoked that we have a few superstar supporters that are willing to help us out with getting grants and that @mandyjayh is now digging into this too–awesome! Also, check out @drew’s new blog on creating a Gameshift Board. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

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