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Sweet 2016

It’s not easy for me to feel inspired about sharing reflections via blogging but if there’s anything that seriously does it, it’s @drew visiting us here on Oahu! AND witnessing him, @dyson, @adrianna, and Seamus share their freshly written blog posts. Love it. Yep. Blogspiration, check.   

First of all…

If you are interested in checking out what’s been happening with ALC Oahu, then scroll through the timeline on our Facebook Page & Instagram!

Second of all, the exciting news…

Again, Drew is here! YAY! Words can’t express how good it feels to have him with us and supporting both @mandyjayh and myself in all the newness and growth of our little ohana.

We also have a new student! Seamus just completed his visiting week and is such a great fit. I’m extremely happy that he loves being with us. It was exciting to find out that his mom had been sharing about us widely even before we met, after learning of us through friends of friends. Such a sweet feeling to know that more and more people are finding out that ALC Oahu exists. Hooray!

We recently had a Vision Council meeting with our friends and supporters, Auli’i, Stephanie, & Jimmy. The level of support we are receiving from them is out of this world! I am so moved and thankful for their dedication and powerful positive energy.

Last week, I was gifted the opportunity to present ALC Oahu with Stephanie at the 14th Annual Hawaii International Conference On Education. What a thrill! It was an awesome experience learning from and speaking to an audience of people from Australia, China, Canada, US Mainland, and from here locally too. Thank you, Steph, for continuing to open new windows to abundant collaborations and possibilities!

Thirdly, more personal news…

Although I still work like a robot, I will say that I am SO much better at relaxing! However, I think my body thinks otherwise.

I have had eczema since I was a little kid. With it now all over my hands, it has become frustratingly debilitating. While I’ve been good at staying away from wheat and discovered some eczema-friendly lotions and oils that are helpful, there is still the factor that I scratch it (very aggressively) while I sleep. Even when I wear socks on my hands as an attempt to make it stop. It seems that I also have eczema on parts of my body which makes it difficult to wear clothing. This whole having a human body thing is really cramping my style…

Even though this honestly sucks, I will say that I am grateful that this experience is challenging me to pay more attention to my physical health as well as the importance of many things such as:

  • self-care
  • having patience with the process of healing
  • cooking my own delicious food
  • getting out of my hermit shell and into the salty ocean & sunlight
  • allowing myself to receive help
  • having patience with myself

Fourthly, a recap of 2015…

I lived and let live. I loved and was loved. What an intense and magical year of new beginnings!

Here’s a song I can’t get enough of:

Thanks for reading, friends.


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