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The Birth of ALC Oahu

Where do I begin?

I could share a recap of the last five months starting with how we raised about $4,000 of seed money and the ALF Summer 2015 adventure.
I could apologize for not having posted a single blog since I turned 27 in May.
I could rave about ALC Oahu’s first three students and our awesome adventures so far.
I could make a list of what I’m grateful for and why.
I could also be brutally honest by sharing that I’ve never been so mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually chewed up, spit out, run over, and flung around like a rag doll almost daily like this before.

But I’ll just keep it simple.

Here are a few things I’ve been learning over the last months as ALC Oahu has so quickly and miraculously come alive…

  • The initiation of chasing dreams (in this case, building a learning center for my inner child) is to embrace the journey of getting out of my own way. Which means facing my fears for breakfast, getting back up when I trip over my own feet, and remembering to take care of the basics–like eating and sleeping.
  • Working while relaxed is far more productive than working while stressed or burnt out.
  • Working while burnt out is counter-productive and extremely unhealthy.
  • There will always be lots of work and there will always be enough time.
  • @sophialoves808@adrianna, and @dyson are AMAZING! I love that they love being in the water and that they’ve been sharing their dreams and goals with us. I’m lucky to be learning so much from them.
  • @mandyjayh is an incredible powerhouse who has been unknowingly training me to improve myself, every single day. No words can express my gratitude for her solid presence and perseverance.
  • Knowing when, how, and whom to ask support from is a fine art. I intend to master it.
  • Meeting new people to collaborate with and learn from is one of the best and most fulfilling parts of my job(s). Not admin stuff, whatsoever. Thankfully, my mom doesn’t mind holding my hand through organizing and cutting through paperwork while lovingly putting up with my neurosis. Her endless support and compatible skills never cease to amaze me. Thanks, mom!
  • Calling for support from our friends in the ALC Network is like calling up a Planet-Earth-Superheroes hotline.
  • It’s been easy to get lost in and overwhelmed by my own impatience, insecurities, and fears. I intend for that to be nearly impossible sooner than later as I continue at the rate at which I’m learning!
  • It’s paramount that I slow down and think before making decisions. My choices, big and small, effect everyone around me. So that I can be my best for and with others, I’m learning now more than ever, the clarity and discipline in being my best for myself.
  • Not taking the words and actions of others personally is an extremely empowering choice to make.
  • Balancing work life and personal life is challenging because my work is very personal. To not work feels like I am neglecting my nonbiological baby. Creating healthy boundaries for work-time (giving to others) and me-time (giving to myself) makes so much sense!
  • There is great power in vulnerability.
  • Love is always the answer.

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  1. Carol Nash says:

    Thanks for your frank and insightful comments about the opening of ALC Oahu, Nina. I am sending my energy your way! My best wishes to you for the growing evolution of ALC Oahu.

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