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Growing Pains + Dreaming Big + Receiving Bigger


Since early 2013, my world has consisted of…

  • self-development
  • traveling around the globe
  • intentionally nurturing my big dream of co-creating and connecting the “schools” of the future
  • independently studying alternative education, astrology, myself, people, and everything in between
  • self-development
  • national and international community outreach
  • building new relationships
  • sharing my ideas with new people almost daily
  • self-development
  • playing with new friends around personal passions and purposes
  • getting uncomfortable
  • practicing patience
  • self-development
  • learning new skills
  • leaping into the great unknown
  • challenging myself
  • did I mention self-development?


About two years of seemingly endless lifetimes later, I am grateful to have connected with…

  • radical educators as mentors
  • powerful women
  • our ALC community
  • more new friends from all over the world
  • more new networks of change-makers
  • inspirational leaders of the present and future


At this moment, I am deeply thankful…

  • to my family, for accepting me as the alien that I am and supporting me as I pursue my many passions which includes creating space for others to do the same
  • to ALC friends, for inspiring me and helping me realize that I’m not alone in doing this work and kicking ass
  • to old friends, who are stepping back onto the stage that is my life and showing up ready to ride with me
  • to the powerful people in my life, for generously holding space for me through my roller coaster of personal growth and expansion
  • to Mike, for fueling my life, fanning my flames, and dancing the great dance with me
  • to new superhero friends, for brilliantly bridging me to such influential people and tools at the most impeccable timing
  • to my body, for alerting me and reminding me to take good care of myself on this journey
  • to my mind, for boldly creating every little step as I take it and every giant net as I leap
  • to the natural cycles of life
  • and last but not least, to chia seeds


  1. Shannon O' says:

    You are a dream weaver, gliding on wings of something great!
    You are a powerful and amazing person, I’m so glad we have seen each other grow~
    Love seeing you on your journey!

  2. Alex says:

    Four thumbs up for co-creating, radical educators, pursuing one’s passions, developing new skills, brilliant bridging, the ALC community, playing, inspirational leaders, and CHIA SEEDS!!! Love those little guys. Big mahalos for sharing your journey.

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