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Rewind and Fast Forward

It’s been over two months since my last blog. Yikes.

Just to recap December up until this very moment, I have…

  • met new friends who are doing amazing work in the world through meditation, health/wellness initiatives, and bridging powerful worlds to one another… collectivism is happening everywhere I turn! YES!
  • met a special someone who powerfully inspires me and amplifies my highest self every day
  • visited home on Oahu and shared about ALC with more friends and their kids–I loved sensing their excitement for ALC Oahu (ALCO)!
  • had my very first dinner meeting with some of the ALCO team–I felt so supported and inspired by the amazing people I get to co-create with both in Hawaii, NYC, and all over the planet
  • hung out in Singapore and Malaysia–endless travel adventures!
  • connected with other progressive educators and talented artists through Comic Fiesta 2014 and art galleries
  • had some deeply meaningful conversations with family around the work that I’m doing–it has been a heart-opening experience to witness their further understanding of a new way of thinking/being and how this relates to education/lifestyles and gaining their moral support around all I’ve been putting my energy into with ALC
  • went off the grid into the mountains of Costa Rica for Moon Dance, a powerfully magical women’s retreat
  • shot over to SF to celebrate Mike’s birthday and hang out with old friends
  • met even more new friends who are doing amazing work in Oakland, California, and are excited to collaborate around amplifying ALC along with other amazing positive-impact, world-changing visions

And at this moment, I am present to the warm and fuzzy love in the air…
  Congratulations to the newly weds, @tomis and @nancy
May you both continue to laugh, play, and thrive with each other
on a scale beyond your wildest imagination.
Love you both!!!

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