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From my head

The past week has been an entirely new level of sharing ALC with new faces in new places. These experiences have inspired me to explore deeper into the different languages (or levels of explanation) we use in order to effectively communicate the culture and purpose of ALC.

Abby (@abbyo) and I began creating a diagram which will clearly illustrate how to share ALC and with whom. Here’s a general break down of the with-whom:

EDUCATORS within and/or PARENTS with kids who attend…

  1. traditional schools (public/private)
  2. alternative education models
    • tech-y schools
    • project-based learning schools
    • Montessori, Waldorf, Sudbury, free schools, etc.
    • homeschool, unschool

I believe that this project will result in a highly useful tool for anyone who chooses to both learn more about and support ALC by sharing it with others.



From my heart

I’d like to share a couple of significant moments for me from last week…

Thanos (@kingthanos) approached me about his concern for his mom since she was going through surgery that day. He brought this to my attention while I was sitting in on Javair’s (@failspy) Philosophy of Economics forum. I stepped out of the room and sat us in a quiet space so that I could hear him out. He talked it out. I listened. We meditated and practiced visualizing a successful outcome of his mom’s surgery. I shared with him something that I practice when I’m feeling worried or anxious about anything. It’s the practice of tuning into the quiet space we each have within us, that no one else can touch, and that we can use to activate our highest intentions for ourselves and others. I feel confident that this discussion was useful to him and that he’ll be practicing this more as he said he would. Deeply grateful that he opened up to me about his concern for his mom. By this, he allowed me to powerfully share with him a new way of thinking and seeing through the inner eye.


Over the weekend, a new friend of mine from GABRIELA, attentively listened to my sharing about ALC. Afterwards, they shared with me that they and their partner both work in education but at the complete opposite spectrum from what I had shared–one end being a space of liberation and the other end being a space of oppression. It touched me when they mentioned how frustrated they were about the education models they’re involved with because of how these are systems which roboticize children and kills off what it means to be a kid/human. “Nowadays, it’s a luxury for kids to be kids”. Their statement struck me. It’s the sickening truth. They went on to say that they were happy to hear that places like ALC even exist. That we hold space for kids so that they can actually be kids and explore themselves and the world around them without first being forced to be something they’re not.

Grateful to know that I, like everyone else,
have the power to create the changes I want to see in the world…

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