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   I’M EXCITED!   

  • I will be connecting with educators in Columbia to share ALC through one of my best friends, Yvan.
  • My new friend, Caroline (from Philippines), is here to observe ALC today and she’s blown away! At our Set-the-Week Meeting this morning, she made an offering to hold a design-your-own-motorcycle activity and a field trip to her workplace, Ducati Triumph NY–AWESOME.
  • Caroline and I envision ALC in Philippines………..!!!!!!!!!
  • I will be at home in Hawai’i in a couple of weeks to meet with my ALC Oahu team over dinner. Most of them will be meeting each other for the very first time. Yay!
  • Topic Jam is a NEW weekly offering that lasts half an hour. It begins today! Charlotte (ALC Mosaic) and I will be video chatting and researching the topic of magic/energy. Askani (@thewitchqueen908) will be joining us and wants to learn about wizards and witches. Sweet!
  • My friend and mentor, Carol, will be coming into the city to observe ALC this thursday. She is a co-founder of the public unschool in Toronto called Alpha II Alternative. Looking forward to catching up with her around all the inspiring projects she’s up to.
  • I began a list of indigenous youth organizations/groups that ALFs/ALCs wish to collaborate with. Collaboration may entail the sharing of tools/practices, getting involved with their projects/events, developing long-term partnerships, creating new ways to support and promote each other’s causes/messages e.g. intercultural exchange programs. Looking forward to seeing this list expand to great dimensions!
  • I’m grateful to be.

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