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The Sun Don’t Shine Without Youuu

Thanks @timotree, for showing me YouRepeat so that I can effortlessly listen to this addictive song over and over and over again. Sweeet!

Here are some yummy highlights of last week:

  • Proposed an ALC director’s operations manual project to @tomis. This will be a way for me to learn the big and little details of what he does at ALC NYC. Also, it will be a valuable training tool for whomever fills a currently open longterm leadership role at ALC NYC. Not to mention how helpful this will be for me in eventually supporting those in leadership roles at ALC Oahu.
  • Chose a date and put in paperwork for hosting the documentary screening of Race to Nowhere: Feb 12, 2015
  • Shared Domestic Transformer with @shadowjack; it’s a pretty impressive design for a little apartment in Hong Kong.
  • Started a real savings account with the intention of actually saving money. Yup! I’m finally getting serious about my personal finances. Finally.
  • Got into more and more conversations on spirits, ghosts, mediumship, and hypnosis with Luca @fireballdeath, @kingthanos and Javier.
  • My new friend, Stephanie, came in on Friday to observe. She is a PhD student at University of Toronto and is studying experimental education. We connected some months ago through our mutual friend, Rocco, who is a mentor at Alpha II Alternative, which is a public unschool in Toronto. He connected us because we are both tied to Hawai’i and alternative education. I shared my vision of opening a learning center on Oahu and he thought she’d be the perfect person to connect me to–and right he was! I’m so grateful and stoked to have finally met Stephanie in person and that she is part of my team in establishing ALC Oahu. Thank you, Rocco!
  • Askani @thewitchqueen908 enthusiastically gave Stephanie a tour of the school. Thanks, Askani! Stephanie also interviewed myself, @tomis, and @ryanshollenberger; she will be reaching out to @abbyo as well. She desires to record our narratives with the intention of promoting ALC through the papers she will be publishing. What a huge offering. So grateful for you, Stephanie!

Feeling so supported and productive. WOHOO!


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