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Laaaast Week

Thanks to Logan @likeaboss, I’ve been motivated to dive back into learning French. I’ve been learning the language on and off for several years and it’s nice to have someone’s new spark of desire remind me of my own intentions. Duolingo, MindSnacks app, French movies–here we go!

I attended the first Assembly Meeting of the year. @tomis and I proposed a few marketing ideas, one of which was approved. However, I learned how to look into website traffic stats/metrics and discovered that the approved proposal was definitely not worth paying for. Thanks for showing me how to look at website traffic, @artbrock!

More on the meeting: I am/have…

  • now a member of the Assembly
  • offered to hold coherence for our new Fundraising Group
  • offered to assist in the Graduation Requirements Group

Really grateful to my dear friend, May, who came out and offered her support around fundraising efforts. It’s always exhilarating for me when old friends are especially inspired by what we’e doing at ALC and desire to take part in the fun!

I also attended the first Parent Interest Night. It was a great experience for me to listen to the questions of parents and answers of @tomis, @ryanshollenberger, and @abbyo as well as the answers and testimonials of a couple of parents of two of our own currently enrolled kids. Super stoked that the parents who attended already came with an understanding and enthusiasm of our philosophies and seemed excited and hopeful to be part of our community.

Yay for new friends!

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