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ALC Incubator

This past week has been fulfilling in so many ways. I got to:

  • Work on marketing and design stuff with @tomis and @ericf
  • Play with and get to know the kids even more
  • Hang out with @bear ‘s Cloudhouse crew during their visits to the city
  • Play with and get to know our awesome staff even more
  • Begin conversations with my own team of support back home on Oahu around what I’m learning and co-creating here in NYC
  • Begin conversations about and with more people who are up and ready to  work with me in opening up an ALC on Oahu

I feel immensely grateful to be building relationships with such brilliant, beautiful people.  The amount of support and stimulation I feel in this community is endless. I couldn’t ask for a better place to incubate my vision of the learning center for Hawai’i.

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