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Intentions for Week #2


First week at ALC NYC: complete!

Super stoked about all the adventures so far. With so much happening as I type along with so much more to come, I am fully present to celebrating the moment with this song.

Beginning this week, I come in on a regular weekly schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Last week I discovered a deep interest of some of the kids in going to Comic Con. Now that we’ve committed to attending this event on Oct 9th, I’ve set an intention of fully supporting them in going out to get supplies and materials, construct costumes, and make sure they attend the conference with total pride in their creations.

Last Friday, I felt so much warmth in my heart after having brought a few of the kids with me to a yoga class at Yoga To The People on St. Marks. I definitely desire for our community to have a yoga instructor come into our space and hold a class at our upstairs gym once a week. We won’t have to spend time making our way to and from an outside location which means we’d have way more time for other activities before and after the class. YES!

Now that set-the-week is complete today, it seems so easy to fill up our days with all the things we want to do together. Time flies when you’re busy having fun and doing cool stuff like making  a difference in people’s lives. It’s a pretty heavy challenge to make time and space for all the lists of infinite things to do–a challenge I gladly accept. As for this week, I’ll be wrapping my mind around marketing strategies with the intention of bringing in a more diverse demographic and especially more GIRLS!

Grateful to be working and playing within this community. Ready for more!

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